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BandeSoft GmbH Expands its Presence in Africa with New Subsidiary Branch in Cameroon

BandeSoft GmbH Expands its Presence in Africa with New Subsidiary Branch in Cameroon

BandeSoft GmbH(Headquarter, Essen, Germany), a leading provider of SAP consulting and IT services, is thrilled to announce the opening of its newest subsidiary branch in Cameroon. With this strategic expansion, BandeSoft aims to penetrate the African market and offer top-notch SAP consulting, IT consulting services, and cutting-edge SaaS solutions.

The decision to establish a presence in Cameroon stems from BandeSoft’s commitment to providing comprehensive technological solutions to businesses across the globe. By expanding into Africa, BandeSoft envisions leveraging its expertise in SAP TM, SAP  Event Management, SAP logistics and SAP EWM to drive efficiency and revolutionize business operations in the region.

The new subsidiary branch in Cameroon will serve as a hub for BandeSoft’s operations in Africa. It will not only cater to the local market but also extend its services to neighboring countries, ensuring a wider reach and greater impact.

“We are excited about entering the African market,” says Mr Beven Nebafor Awusa, COO of BandeSoft GmbH and in charge of BandeSoft Africa. “By offering our extensive SAP consulting and IT services, we aim to empower businesses in Cameroon and beyond, helping them streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and gain a competitive edge.”

In addition to SAP services, BandeSoft will also provide specialized IT consulting services tailored to the specific needs and requirements of African businesses. As part of their Saas solutions, they will offer cloud-based software applications, enabling companies to embrace digital transformation and unlock their true potential.

With this strategic move, BandeSoft GmbH demonstrates its commitment to global growth, innovation, and addressing the diverse needs of different markets. The company looks forward to forging strong partnerships within the African business community and contributing to the region’s economic development.

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