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Understanding the Basics of SAP Transportation Management

Understanding the Basics of SAP Transportation Management

SAP Transportation Management, or SAP TM, has made a considerable difference in transportation logistics in a short span of time. Launched recently in 2017, it is a standalone application from SAP AG.

As an industry leader, your mind will be constantly flooded with the following questions about transportation:

  • How can I manage my logistics network in a holistic fashion?
  • How can I minimize the risk factors throughout my supply chain?
  • How can I reduce my operational costs and better understand transportation costs at the customer level?
  • How can I ensure the best possible usage of my assets?
  • How do I ensure high customer service levels and responsiveness to unexpected supply chain events?
  • How do I ensure I am compliant with all the varying regulations and compliance policies?

SAP Transportation Management is the best answer to all the above questions.

How Does SAP TM Help Your Business?

SAP TM solution has been specifically designed for the transportation and logistics requirements of all industries. It helps them reduce transportation costs and improve logistics efficiency and flexibility. It enhances the architecture of SAP’s existing transportation solution for manufacturers. Using SAP TM, you can manage all inbound and outbound domestic and international freight in the same environment and you get traceability and visibility of orders, shipments, items, and logistics processes. In addition, you can also plan the transportation of shipments for many common order types such as sales and purchase orders, returns, and stock transfers. All of this ensures proper supply chain execution.

Benefits derived from using SAP TM

  • Reduced costs and improved operational performance.
  • Efficient logistics and fulfillment processes.
  • Improved carrier collaboration and resource utilization.
  • Efficient, end-to-end order and process management.
  • Improved execution visibility and responsiveness.

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